The Evil is everywhere – 666 ;)

Google 666 Rotting Christ, listen to the track and buy the album. Yes, this is a brilliant band.

Now onto the actual post. So looking up lyrics for the Rotting Christ track mentioned above I came across some interesting time wasting material – how people try really hard to find meaning where meaning doesn’t exist. What is it with Religiotards and reading into everything to find the numbers 666. It’s like the idiots who read Harry Potter backwards and ban their kids from Pokemon. Spoiler alert – this post isn’t really going anywhere, I’m just showing you what I thought was pretty damn funny.

Lets get look at some prime examples of dumbass-ness.

Have you ever tasted this stuff? Maybe it is evil…

Yeah Chrome, you evil search engine.

…….I have no words.

Evil in my cupboard, evil being read by scanners!



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