Why me?

So what is this not so private spot all about?


Specifically Death, Doom and Black (maybe) Metal music.

Sometimes stuff to do with music, and sometimes stuff I was thinking about or started thinking about when listening to and or googling…some form of above mentioned music.

Since I’ve been married to this music for some time, it’s part of my family, I’m allowed to diss it, love it, pay for it, indulge it, make excuses for it, be embarrassed by it, be a giant cliche for it and bankrupt myself for it.

Why do I need to indulge myself and write about a genre of music that almost nobody likes or appreciates? Well, recently a local metal music festival was cancelled because there were no sponsors and whatever sponsors there would have been were chased away by religiotards (aka Xtians). So this is my little candle in the dark trying to keep the art that is Extreme Metal alive.





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