A word on band name fonts..

While trying to find a suitably ‘metal’ picture of my last post, I came across a pic that cracked me up. Sitting alone, in the sun by the pool – very metal of me, I was laughing so hard that the dogs started howling (is my laugh that bad or am I that metal?).

I can almost see a band name in there somewhere…


Where do some bands get their fonts from? Is there a font library for metal bands that reads something like ‘impossible-to-read-but-scary-looking-tangled-fonts-r-us’?

I went looking for some band logo’s without looking at the name of the band and there are tons I can’t actually make out.

Who is this? For all I know this is the best band since ABBA (lol).

My point is, I want to buy new music, I’m happy to buy unsigned band music, happy to send a band the money and get a dodgy download in return…but please give me the chance to read your name, to find you on Encyclopedia Metallum or Bandcamp, or Facebook. 🙂



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